Holidays in autumn


The very name of the hotel MOUNTAIN SONATA sounds like – autumn…

And Autumn in the Carpathian Mountains is an unwritten beauty!

Early autumn is quite warm and sunny. That’s why we meet and see off many family visitors. Almost all summer excursion topics are relevant in the first half of the autumn season.

The months of September and October are the favorite time of mushroom pickers. Here, even berries in some places will be collected in October.

But the peculiarity of this season is the colors of the Carpathian slopes. Even if you are not a photographer or a botanist, admiration is guaranteed no matter which way you look.
Forested mountains are dressed in luxurious robes. And I want to catch a glimpse of every tree branch, so it falls into sight and the shade of colors!
Oh, how beautiful our white houses look on the background of this autumn outfit.! After all, mighty mountain forests rise above the buildings from all sides!

Autumn is probably the best time! No other season will bring such spectacular photos to mind. This is without a doubt… And especially when you are resting in such a good place on the shores of the mountain Prut in the middle of incredible mountains, where you are welcome at any time of the year.
Even on weekends, visit autumn in the Carpathians, and even better – here!

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