Winter vacation

    Winter is a special season for rest in the Carpathians. After all, how many celebrations we have for this snow-white time! Many New Year’s and New Year’s holidays complement any holiday with their atmosphere, especially in our hotel. After all, on these dates you have a festive decor and contemplation of the Ukrainian and Hutsul […]


      Holidays in autumn

      The very name of the hotel MOUNTAIN SONATA sounds like – autumn… And Autumn in the Carpathian Mountains is an unwritten beauty! Early autumn is quite warm and sunny. That’s why we meet and see off many family visitors. Almost all summer excursion topics are relevant in the first half of the autumn season. The […]


        Holidays in summer

        The very word Summer already sounds hot. And what kind of summer in the Carpathians? It’s unbelievable! This time of year is the most favorable for its weather conditions for any traveler. In summer in the Carpathians, the day can be hot no less than somewhere near the sea, but in the late evenings it […]


          Holidays in the spring

          Of course, early spring, namely March and even partly April, are quite possible periods for skiing and snowboarding. But mostly it’s a relatively quiet holiday season. It is loved by family vacationers and mountain travelers. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle and relax in silence – a good choice is a […]


            Rest for two

            If you suddenly want to give yourself and your loved one a little romantic mood and relax from everyday life or celebrate an event, be sure to pack the necessary things and guide us to the Carpathians! Season or weather does not matter, especially if you are positive about a good rest. Valentine’s Day can […]


              Holidays with the family

              Going to the Carpathians with children, or even the whole big family, is a great idea. And in any season you can organize your time on vacation so as to see and try everything planned and desired.But, first of all, you need to organize a place of rest. And, of course, the MOUNTAIN SONATA in […]


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