Holidays in summer


The very word Summer already sounds hot. And what kind of summer in the Carpathians? It’s unbelievable! This time of year is the most favorable for its weather conditions for any traveler.

In summer in the Carpathians, the day can be hot no less than somewhere near the sea, but in the late evenings it is fresh here so much that you want to breathe and breathe the air barely flavored with the aromas of the Carpathian flora. And there is another feature of the location in the summer for the hotel.

Since the recreation complex is located in the valley of the mountains, say, too, in the sunny valley. The sun in this area is high for the longest time, you can sunbathe here at least until 21.00 throughout the summer. And frankly, such a wonderful place in the warmer months out of competition.

Imagine only tourists who already know the local mountains, which for them have become love and an integral part of life. Every favorable season for the rise, they are already here as here.

Summer itself falls in love with mountains of travelers. No matter how difficult the ascents and descents, travels to the highest points of the Carpathians, nothing takes away the fatigue as pleasing to the eye mountain scenery along the entire route.
In the mountains you have to experience many obstacles, especially in bad weather. But this place of strength and inspiration can not be loved, seeing the beauty of the mountains at least once.
In summer, the more the year, the more entertainment to choose from depending on preferences is offered to tourists. From active to passive recreation – everything can be tried here.
And what a beautiful flora and fauna, which is a feature of the mountain region!
Why abroad, when we have such a wonderful MOUNTAIN part of the country?
Be sure to come to the mountains in the summer and fall in love with our native Carpathians in a new way every time! And we will definitely do everything to complement your holiday with coziness and comfort.

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