Winter vacation


Winter is a special season for rest in the Carpathians. After all, how many celebrations we have for this snow-white time! Many New Year’s and New Year’s holidays complement any holiday with their atmosphere, especially in our hotel. After all, on these dates you have a festive decor and contemplation of the Ukrainian and Hutsul traditions.

Christmas in our area as well as in all regions of Western Ukraine is the biggest bright holiday, for which everyone prepares in advance.

Guests who choose to spend their holidays on Christmas have the opportunity to taste special dishes and meet the carols that children carry, singing, from house to house.

And most importantly for the winter tourist opening the new ski season. Well, who does not know that so close to the hotel is a ski resort with many lifts and slopes.

Among the travelers and our guests in winter there are those who do not do winter sports, but ordinary lovers of mountains and walks in the fresh air.

And what exciting photos you can take in winter! The beauty of winter mountains is just some white magic! No frosty cold and snow frightens when the warmth and comfort gives a place to rest.

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