Holidays with the family


Going to the Carpathians with children, or even the whole big family, is a great idea. And in any season you can organize your time on vacation so as to see and try everything planned and desired.
But, first of all, you need to organize a place of rest. And, of course, the MOUNTAIN SONATA in Mykulychyn is one of the best options for family vacations or weekends. After all, our small cozy hotel has all the necessary criteria for this. In addition to living in cozy rooms with beautiful views from the windows, guests have plenty of options to experience relaxation and comfort.

We have entertainment not only for adults but also for children in the warm season. There is a children’s playground with a slide and sandpit, a swing and a trampoline. It is possible to play ball on the green lawn nearby. Also, if desired, you will be prompted by tours that will be possible for you given the age of your children or older parents.
Do not doubt that not only our caring service, but also the nature around will positively affect your mood. In the combination of these factors, you can relax from work and daily worries, focusing on your family in a great place, gather together new strength, inspiration to implement future plans and ideas.

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