Rest for two


If you suddenly want to give yourself and your loved one a little romantic mood and relax from everyday life or celebrate an event, be sure to pack the necessary things and guide us to the Carpathians! Season or weather does not matter, especially if you are positive about a good rest.

Valentine’s Day can be arranged at any time. Will not hurt a small pet that you can take with you.
Be sure that we are greeted with a smile, and everything that is interesting about the holiday will be recommended and kindly provided.
Do you want a trip to the mountains or just relax for a delicious dinner for two – no problem.
If you want to take a walk in a deserted but safe place – and this and much more is possible while staying at our hotel.
One of our features is the location. Nature is unwritten here. Wonderful mountain landscapes, the Prut River flowing past and its quiet noise like a lullaby at night, green wooded slopes and mountain trails… ..
And berries -fungi to collect or alpine flowers? Isn’t it romance? Or sit with a delicious wine on a cool night by the fire together?
Your own imagination will tell you where to capture romantic moments and photos to remember. After all, the Carpathians are an impressive place for positive emotions.
Interesting places to travel are one of the best gifts. Rest assured that we will find a lot of interesting and even exciting for you. And even if you do not travel in your own car, it will not spoil the quality of rest, especially if you think about the routes in advance.
Immerse yourself in romance for four seasons with us in the magical Carpathians!

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